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Lidia Kim

Lidia Kim

VP, Business & Legal Affairs, Concord Music Publishing

Lidia Kim is VP of Business & Legal Affairs at Concord, the independent, worldwide leader in the development, management and acquisition of sound recordings, music publishing and theatrical performance rights and narrative content.

In her current role, Lidia oversees the digital business for Concord Music Publishing, which includes developing strategy and advising on global digital and catalog matters, negotiating major blanket licensing deals, and managing the digital licensing network, DSP relations, and mass copyright litigation and other new media rights enforcement matters.

Lidia's music publishing career began just over 10 years ago at Imagem Music Group, a global independent music publishing and theatrical rights company acquired by Concord in 2017. Between Imagem and Concord, she has taken on various business and legal affairs roles in music publishing. Before focusing on digital, Lidia's purview included drafting and negotiating publishing agreements with emerging and established songwriters, contemporary classical composers, estates, joint venture partners, and sub-publishers, and managing the legal and business affairs for the pop and classical music repertoire. She has assisted with the due diligence, onboarding and related acquisition activities from both the seller and buyer perspective and continues to do so in her capacity as the resident digital and catalog licensing expert. Lidia is also a member of The MLC's Operations Advisory Committee.

Prior to Imagem, she was a legal fellow at Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, where, in addition to providing legal services to low-income artists and non-profit arts organizations, she contributed to various artist advocacy and education programs, including a course on legal issues in video games, a workshop for artists seeking support from FEMA and other emergency funding programs, and the establishment of the patent pro bono program. She is a graduate of NYU and Notre Dame Law School.

Dealmaking in the Generative AI Space

10/18/24, 7:00 PM

The two most used letters in the music business alphabet these days are AI. We take a deep dive into the current market on genAI deal work, including procuring and providing AI tools, and content licensing to generative AI tool developers. We'll discuss various risks and key deal points, including liabilities and indemnities, service standards, economic structures, license scope, managing NIL rights, data security, vendor diligence, and much more.

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