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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Mari Campos

Mari Campos


Mari Campos is a managing partner at Híbrido Comunicação e Cultura. Among her activities in the cultural/music field is the curatorship and artistic direction of Festival Sensacional (Brazil). In 2017, Mari was responsible for the selection of Brazilian bands at the Musica Mundo International Music Fair (Brazil). The following year she represented Música Mundo at the International Music Business Fair, Moshito (Johannesburg/South Africa). Mari was also a member of one of the main nightclubs in Belo Horizonte, the Baixo Centro Cultural, and produced the bands Pequena Morte and Graveola from Belo Horizonte/Brazil.

Global Music Marketplace

10/12/21, 3:00 PM

We will discuss technology, mission, business, solutions, Q/A, trade, culture and innovation; looking from above and from within the global connection points we call music. How, why, where, what and who it all is and the benefits of thinking globally and acting locally. How choices, change and relationships drive our careers, businesses and societies in this connected and fragmented world. You'll hear the personal and business missions of the panelists, learn about their markets, their solutions and activities, all with the intention to inspire and to help you build yours. From Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, Cyprus, NYC and India, hear, learn, question, think anew about our places, inter-relationships, purposes and all our ways (and yours) of challenging stagnation through music, education, experience, teamwork, vision and action.

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