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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Matan Kollenscher

Matan Kollenscher

CEO, MyPart

Matan is a hands-on leader with over 20 years of expertise in music and tech, an IDF intelligence major in reserves with expertise in AI, Big Data, digital signal processing and data science. A schooled musician and musicologist and an award-winning writer, Matan holds a Computer and Electrical Engineering degree and an MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

MyPart is considered the new standard for song search and analysis, selected by Billboard to provide music, lyrics and sonic analytics for all of their top charts. It was recently included in Business Insider's shortlist of the 13 most innovative AI music startups creating AI tools. Spotify's former Director of Research, MIT PhD Tristan Jehan has invested in the company, saying: "MyPart has taken a giant leap into automatic song comprehension...and productized it into the most valuable song search product available today." Among other key publications, MyPart was featured on Hypebot, Variety, Music Week and MusicAlly.

MyPart has developed AI technology capable of finding songs that match creative and commercial needs by deeply analyzing lyrics, music and sound. MyPart recently launched the first-ever AI-powered song marketplace to meet the needs of sync teams, music supervisors/coordinators, A&Rs and other creative executives in music, TV/Film and advertising. The marketplace offers an extensive selection of music ranging from major labels and publishers to independent artists. MyPart enables users to accurately and efficiently find songs for their creative projects through a variety of advanced search features including various keywords and reference songs.

AI Alchemy: The Future of Creator Tools

10/11/23, 6:00 PM

AI is becoming increasingly good at not just prompt-based generation of full songs, but one-shot samples, loops and even presets for digital instruments, along with composition assistance, mixing, mastering and other workflow enhancements. But most popular music production software has few – if any – AI features. Will the old guard adapt, or will we see a surge in popularity of fresh, AI-native creator tools?

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