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Maureen Droney

Maureen Droney

Senior Managing Director, Producers & Engineers Wing and Recording Technology, Recording Academy

A former recording engineer, Maureen has worked on GRAMMY winning recordings for artists including Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, and Santana—as well as well as on numerous other projects, including two Billboard Number One Dance songs. She has a degree in Broadcast Communication Arts from California State University, San Francisco, and has taught seminars on the theory and practice of recording for companies including ABC and CBS Television. She has also worked in both artist and studio management, was the longtime Los Angeles editor for Mix magazine, and has published three books related to recording. Her most recent, co-written with its subject, is Al Schmitt on the Record: The Magic Behind the Music, chronicling the life and career of the most awarded recording engineer in history.

Immersive Audio and its Potential in Art and Commerce

10/14/20, 10:00 PM

This panel will explore the emerging immersive audio technologies rapidly becoming available to creators. We’ll discuss the creative possibilities and considerations in audio production as well as their impact on the overall consumer experience. We’ll explore available formats and the innovative ways in which distribution companies are getting music to the marketplace.

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