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Miles Adcox

Miles Adcox

Owner & Executive Chair, Onsite

Miles Adcox is a speaker, thought leader, advocate, advisor and entrepreneur in the emotional wellness space. He is the owner and executive chair of Onsite, an internationally known emotional wellness lifestyle brand that delivers life-changing personal growth workshops, digital mental health master classes, emotionally smart leadership retreats and residential emotional wellness and trauma treatment. Miles’ work at Onsite has been featured on 20/20, Good Morning America, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Dr. Phil Show and The Doctors.

He is the founder of Human School, Onsite Entertainment, Co-Founder of The Oaks, and is known as one of the most plugged-in people on the human condition. Miles has created and managed multiple mental health programs, personal growth workshops and speaks nationally on emotional wellness. He has consulted major brands on organizational health and emotional wellness and is a communication, personal growth and mental health consultant to the entertainment industry.

He continues to be a pioneering advocate for elevating the intersection between mental health and music. Miles works with and consults several nonprofits and international NGOs. His primary passions are his family, faith, the outdoors and shattering the stigma around mental health and wellness.

A Conversation with JoJo – Striving for Wellness in Difficult Times

10/13/21, 8:30 PM

Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter JoJo is joined by entertainment mental wellness specialist and Onsite’s Owner and Executive Chair, Miles Adcox, to discuss how addressing mental health has become a priority for her during this challenging time. She’ll talk about how the pandemic has influenced her music, including her new EP Trying Not To Think About It, and the importance of the music industry’s support of mental health and wellness among its artists and professionals.

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