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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Molly Salas

Molly Salas

Music Supervisor, Halo Music and Sound

Molly Salas is a music supervisor based in Brooklyn, NY. She is dedicated to lifting up voices of those not traditionally represented in sync and aligning her work with causes she believes in. Molly currently works at Halo Music and Sound, where she is known for crate digging to find the perfect track for projects, music licensing and sending pictures of her cat. Previously she has worked as an in-house music supervisor at Facebook, in music licensing at Live Nation, as well as at The Rights Workshop, Noise Pop Industries, MTV Networks and AMC Networks. She is a member of Soft Power Vote, which creates progressive voting guides for New York City voters.

GMS 2022: But Can it Sound Spanish? – An Exploration of Intentional Inclusion of Latine Voices in Sync

10/13/22, 3:00 PM

A panel of Latine sync professionals join in a discussion about cultural awareness in music supervision and sync licensing. With the rise of productions focusing on the Latine experience and Latine music mega stars, is the sync community following the necessary steps to honor the intersections of what Latin is and reflecting its multifaceted identities? This exploration will touch on building awareness of common misconceptions while shining light on what steps to take toward intentional practices to build inclusive and genuine soundtracks.

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