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Parneet Pal

Parneet Pal

Chief Science Officer, Wisdom Labs

Parneet Pal is the Chief Science Officer at Wisdom Labs, a San Francisco-based company solving for stress, burnout, anxiety and loneliness in the workplace. A Harvard-trained physician, she focuses on the intersection of lifestyle medicine, behavior change and technology and building wiser workplaces using the science of mindfulness, resilience and compassion.

An international speaker and podcaster, she loves to teach, write and curate content that connects the dots and science between personal, social and planetary well-being. She deeply believes we can create a compassionate society where health is the default. She has written for the Harvard Business Review, is a TEDMED scholar and has been featured on the cover of Mindful magazine.

Meditation Simplified. Tech Enhanced.

10/16/20, 7:00 PM

We know that meditation is proven to reduce anxiety and stress and improve your mood and focus. It can even help you connect to a higher purpose. So why don't we all meditate? On this panel, we'll take a closer look at the technology that can simplify the meditation process and help you get your OM on.

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