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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Rory Bernard

Rory Bernard

CEO, Synchtank

With a background in Computer Science, Rory built the UK’s largest independent technical web development company through a mixture of organic and acquisition with clients such as Time, Formula 1, Unilever and more.

Following the successful exit of the business he has been heavily involved in technology start-ups before taking on the role of CEO at Synchtank after starting in the company as an early investor and non-exec. Today he is deeply involved in the strategic development of the company and spends a lot of time hands on with a wide range of music and media clients helping to develop their technology strategy.

The Future of Financial Rights: Tackling the Information Imbalance in the Music Industry

10/14/21, 2:00 PM

The music industry is as defined by the dizzying pace of innovation as it is the opaque and convoluted business structures that have been entrenched in the industry for decades. Music professionals must keep their fingers on the pulse of cutting-edge business opportunities or risk being left behind. Managers, artists and other industry insiders have more options than ever to share, discover and debate industry news, trends and best practices. This panel will dig into the new wave of companies and leaders who are working to bridge the “information imbalance” in the music industry via Discord communities, newsletters and other new platforms and how they are helping to democratize the power structures in music today.

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