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Sam Hayflich

Sam Hayflich

Music Supervisor, Creative Music Licensing, ViacomCBS

Sam Hayflich is a music supervisor on the Creative Music Licensing & Strategy team at ViacomCBS. In her current role, Sam supervises shows, themes, promos and digital spots for CMT & MTV as well branded programming & influencer content. She manages and implements MTV Soundtrack promotional content for MTV programming. She works closely with composers, music libraries, independent music supervisors, labels, publishers and artists to integrate music into programming and promos across channels.

During her time at ViacomCBS, Sam has music supervised MTV’s “16 & Recovering” and branded spots in partnership with “Lexus,” “Pepsi,” “Spotify” and more. In her current role she leverages social media campaigns to secure and promote emerging artists featured in shows such as “Couples Therapy 3,” “Family Therapy,” “Basketball Wives 5,” “Black Ink Crew 3, 4 & 6” and more.

Previously, Sam worked at Wixen Music Publishing, Inc.

GMS 2020: Music Supervision & The 2020 Election: Political Campaign Music & PSAs Getting Out the Vote

10/15/20, 5:00 PM

In the run up to the 2020 election, campaign music is front and center, being used both legally and illegally. Add the proliferation of “get out the vote” PSAs to the mix and it’s clear that music is powering the message of this most unusual year. Learn how it all happens from key agency executives helping to get this music created.

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