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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Sam Jackson

Sam Jackson

Artist Manager, Only The Poets

Sam has spent the last 10 years managing, tour managing and promoting artists, learning that fan power, data ownership and insights are key to building a sustainable career. He has used unique marketing strategies to expand the business of established and developing artists and has experience in marketing, social media and fan engagement.

Converting Followers to Fans: How an Unsigned Band 6X Their Ticket Sales Using Fan Data

10/11/22, 6:00 PM

Artists want to build an audience to support them in a successful career. This is made unnecessarily difficult by many of the platforms that artists have to use to grow their audience such as social media and DSP's. These platforms make it near impossible for them to reward, understand and communicate directly with their core fans. This means that revenue opportunities are lost, and unnecessary risks are taken.

Openstage's Sam and Rob are helping artists from all around the world to successfully identify their core fans and create long term loyalty. In this session they will share their strategy for fan engagement and explain how they helped an unsigned band, who were told by the promoter they could only sell 4k tickets in Europe, to sell an extra 22k tickets.

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