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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Sierra Flach

Sierra Flach

Assistant Music Supervisor, Impact Music Supervision

Sierra Elizabeth Flach is an assistant music supervisor at Impact Music Supervision working with Grammy-winning supervisor Ed Gerrard. She graduated with a Master’s in Media Management from The New School and also works within Impact’s other branches of artist management and concert promotion, primarily in Upstate New York. Impact Music Supervision is currently working on the upcoming PBS Documentary “GOSPEL” set to release Feb 2024.

GMS 2023: In the Trenches with the Supervisors Behind the Supervisors

10/12/23, 8:00 PM

Discover the unique backgrounds and intriguing journeys that led our panelists to their roles in the industry. Hear firsthand about their day-to-day experiences working behind the front lines at an agency or music company that services the film, TV or commercial worlds.

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