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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Sterling Proffer

Sterling Proffer

Founder, Creative Executive Officers

Sterling Proffer is a business strategist and entrepreneur focused on building sustainable systems for creative work. His company, Creative Executive Officers, is a media company, advisory services firm and community of over 250K people working to speed up and smooth the transition to a creator-friendly future.

Previously, he spent a decade at VICE Media helping build, launch and scale various parts of the company.

The Future of Financial Rights: Tackling the Information Imbalance in the Music Industry

10/14/21, 2:00 PM

The music industry is as defined by the dizzying pace of innovation as it is the opaque and convoluted business structures that have been entrenched in the industry for decades. Music professionals must keep their fingers on the pulse of cutting-edge business opportunities or risk being left behind. Managers, artists and other industry insiders have more options than ever to share, discover and debate industry news, trends and best practices. This panel will dig into the new wave of companies and leaders who are working to bridge the “information imbalance” in the music industry via Discord communities, newsletters and other new platforms and how they are helping to democratize the power structures in music today.

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