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Steve Masur

Steve Masur

Partner, Venture Law Group, Gotham Advisors, PLLC

Steve Masur is the consummate entrepreneur and entertainer’s lawyer. He has been a consistent early innovator in the web 1, web 2, and web 3 ecosystems, and has a firm grounding in traditional media and entertainment. His unique mix of legal, business and strategic experience, both domestic and international, has helped a wide variety of new technologies achieve ubiquity in the entertainment business. Steve has worked on everything from digital rights management to internet advertising, streaming and downloading, music tagging (Shazam), ringtones, video games, social media and betting, and is deeply involved in digital assets (cryptocurrencies and NFTs), virtual worlds and AI. Steve is always happy to share his 30 years of experience integrating new technologies into the traditional world. Steve's practice disciplines include corporate and commercial deals, intellectual property, local and international regulatory issues and strategic guidance. Steve has extensive experience in venture capital finance, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic and cross-border corporate work and media, entertainment and technology transactions. He regularly lectures and writes about major issues in technology, venture capital, emerging industries and Web 3.

CLE 2023: The Metaverse, NFTs, Web3 and the Music Industry: Where Are We Now?

10/13/23, 7:00 PM

In the wake of the initial boom (and bust?) of the NFT market, the metaverse craze that has yet to fully take hold, and the still emerging Web3 movement, this panel takes a look at where we are now in the music space with respect to these technologies. How are the initial deals playing out? Are industry players still bullish on any of these technologies? What disputes and regulatory issues have arisen from these initial deals? What new risks have emerged? And what opportunities lie ahead with respect to these technologies and their relevance to the music industry of the future? This panel will explore those questions and more, collecting perspectives from deal makers, litigators and regulatory attorneys for a wide scale view of where the music industry is and where it can go with these technologies.

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