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Tab Nkhereanye

Tab Nkhereanye


Over the last twenty-five years, Tab Nkhereanye, SVP of A&R (Artists & Repertoire) at BMG has been one of the driving forces behind hitmakers and top charting songs alike. Nkheranye’s success in the music industry is unlike many, providing him one of the most unique perspectives in the field and a resume that is hard to top. His path to BMG, was not a traditional one at all, as a songwriter in the first decade of his career, he was responsible for multiple #1 hits, writing with Justin Bieber, Madonna, Mary J. Blige and Britney Spears. His success as a songwriter laid the foundation for his illustrious career as a music executive, a transition that very few in music have been able to successfully complete. Tab is far from a traditional executive; he is a creative first who speaks the language of a songwriter with a passion for making records.

As a hitmaker, he understood the DNA of what made a fellow hitmaker and in an industry more and more driven by data, Tab’s approach is focused on sound, talent and feel. On the A&R side, during more than seven years at Island/Def Jam Records, Tab was responsible for the discovery and development of Frank Ocean, Alessia Cara and many others -- showing that songwriters have a place in the corner office and paving a way for others like him.

As a first generation immigrant from South Africa and the only of his five brothers born in the United States growing up in the California's Bay Area, his early life was filled with sports and music, but it wasn’t until attending a concert at the Palladium and coincidentally seeing Tupac next to him and getting the courage to go up to him to ask him how one could get into the music industry, that it could be a reality. Shakur was generous enough to share some insights, and at that point standing next to him was a young Robin Thicke listening in to the conversation. After a few conversations between Tab and Thicke, the duo began writing songs together with the goal of finding a way in. After Thicke landed at Interscope, Nkhereanye signed a publishing deal with LA Reid which took him to Atlanta, where he cut his teeth working with Tricky Stewart through the co-founding of Red Zone Entertainment in Atlanta. From there, Tab has been a part of more than fifteen #1 records from the songwriting, publishing and business side.

Tab’s mission is to be a voice and mentor for black songwriters and young executives who are looking to carve out their own path in the industry. Currently, Tab splits time between Atlanta and Los Angeles; outside of his work with BMG, he has worked to provide music and education to youth from single parent homes. Tab also is a master collector and connoisseur of agave spirits such as tequila and mezcal, and continues to search for the perfect tequila to enjoy after a round of golf.

The State of A&R: Trusting the Human Touch

10/16/24, 2:00 PM

Nothing still beats human intuition and gut instincts in A&R. This session will cover case studies of how these elements continue to elevate artists from obscurity to stardom. We’ll also go over the old-school methods that merge with modern strategies to develop talent at any stage. Respectfully, AI will be banned from this panel.

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