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Taylor Ralph

Taylor Ralph

Music Director, CBS Sports, Paramount

Taylor Crystal Ralph is the Music Director at CBS Sports. She works within the business affairs department and handles all things music for CBS Sports including music licensing and supervision. Her most notable projects include working on the Sports Emmy Award Winning Short Feature: The Move, the 2021 PGA Championship opening tease, and The Super Bowl LV pregame show. Most recently she's worked on the NFL Today opening tease featuring a tailorized remix of DMX song "Up In Here." Prior to working at CBS Sports, she attended the music business program at New York University.

GMS 2022: Crafting Niche Music Soundtracks for Film/TV

10/13/22, 7:30 PM

Is weaving the perfect soundtrack akin to method acting? How do you inhabit the minds of the people portrayed on screen and select the right music to support or drive their stories? Hear NYC music supervisors from across a spectrum of diverse film and TV work discuss their approaches to the craft.

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