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Thaddeus Rudd

Thaddeus Rudd

Co-Owner, Mom+Pop Music

Thaddeus Rudd is Co-President and Co-Owner of Mom+Pop Music, based in New York, working with artists such as Porter Robinson, Ashe, Tom Morello, Courtney Barnett, Beach Bunny, Alina Baraz, SEB, Tycho, Tash Sultana and Caamp. Founded in 2008 by Michael Goldstone, Mom+Pop is a leading independent music company. Prior to that, Rudd managed at The Rebel Group, and worked at Virgin Records America and Jeff McClusky and Associates. He is a graduate of Northwestern University.

The Evolution of the Indie Label – What Does the Future Hold?

10/13/21, 5:00 PM

How have indies evolved to compete in today’s music environment? From adapting to a streaming-dominated market, the migration of physical to chiefly vinyl, navigating D2C and other revenue streams, and the changed working environment and lack of artist touring during the pandemic, today’s indies are operating markedly different businesses than only a half-decade ago.

What are the advantages to artists to work with indies? Has the economics of a frothy new artist signing climate affected indies? How do indies compete and continue to offer a different value proposition from majors, service companies or distributors?

We’ll also look at what the pandemic has taught us unique to our business that we can utilize in future years; competing in a DSP-dominated streaming business; the roles of press and radio for indie labels and their artists; and the roles of digital and conventional distributors.

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