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Whitney McClain

Whitney McClain


Oregon-bred singer Whitney McClain maintains faith at her core, from her music creation to her everyday steps. While attending college, she decided to reach out to her uncle - and now manager - Marlon McClain for his advice on her desire to dive into the music industry before embarking on her career. Encountering hills and valleys, yet working through them have remained a constant narrative in Whitney’s life and throughout her music. One challenge that stands out, in particular, are two brain surgeries she had in the 5th and 7th grades. Both surgeries were life-threatening and presented challenges, but with support of her family and her trust in God, she has not only recovered – she has thrived, showing her resilience in overcoming obstacles with faith and positivity. While recording her latest EP, “Letters From A Broken Heart”, Whitney has evolved her songwriting prowess co-writing, co-producing, and co-engineering the entire project — gifting listeners with a new facet of her sound that fuses Soul, Indie Pop and R&B.

The Mindful Artist: An Interview

10/16/20, 8:00 PM

Interview with well-known mindful artists.

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