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Yonit Spiegelman

Yonit Spiegelman

Composer for Advertising Music, TV & Film

Bassist, composer, producer and educator Yonit Spiegelman has received international acclaim for her work both on and off the stage. Her melodic, soulful, punchy pocket-groove bass lines have been heard on recordings and live stages in collaboration with a variety of artists across multiple genres. Nowadays Yonit takes part in the New York Broadway Musical Production of SIX, as a subbing bandmember on bass.

As a composer, Spiegelman’s music has been heard internationally through her work writing and recording pieces for short documentaries, advertisements and brands including FIFA WWC, AMC + Coca Cola, Uber, KFC, NHL, Campbell’s Soup, Facebook (Meta), Toyota and John Deere to name a few. She also took part as lead composer for the short documentary Gender Outlaw: A Bodysurfing Story directed by Peter Williams, winner of Best Short Documentary in the Berlin Indie Film Festival 2022.

A testament to both a loyal fan base and the respect of music industry peers, Spiegelman has been interviewed and featured on several podcasts, radio programs, and other established international media outlets including Bass Musician Magazine, She Shreds Magazine, Forbes, Working Musician Podcast, WTBQ Radio, WERS Radio, CFMU Radio and Israeli National Radio Galatz. She has also earned endorsements from Sadowsky Guitars, GHS Strings and Coils Boutique.

GMS 2023: Creating Custom Music For Sync: How Do Artists Get The Gigs?

10/12/23, 11:45 PM

Finding opportunities to write songs and create music for visual media projects is the holy grail for working musicians and creators. While creating custom music can be incredibly lucrative, more often than not it's incredibly frustrating due to the spec nature of the game. Learn valuable secrets from leading industry professionals, artists and composers along multiple points of this complicated ecosystem who have successfully cracked the code and are generating revenue on a daily basis.

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