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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Yotam Mann

Yotam Mann

Musician & Software Maker

Yotam Mann is a musician and software maker. His career has been dedicated to discovering how new technologies can progress music. Since studying music and computer science at U.C. Berkeley’s Center for New Music and Audio Technologies, Mann has worked with GRAMMY award-winning artists, authored foundational software libraries for music production, and created instruments and interactive music projects enjoyed by millions.

AI Alchemy: The Future of Creator Tools

10/11/23, 6:00 PM

AI is becoming increasingly good at not just prompt-based generation of full songs, but one-shot samples, loops and even presets for digital instruments, along with composition assistance, mixing, mastering and other workflow enhancements. But most popular music production software has few – if any – AI features. Will the old guard adapt, or will we see a surge in popularity of fresh, AI-native creator tools?

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