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Ash Stahl

Ash Stahl

Managing Director, Flighthouse

A passion for music has always been the driving force for Ash Stahl’s personal and professional life. While completing a communications degree at the University of North Florida, she fell in love with electronic dance music and networked her way through the EDM community. Following college graduation, she packed up everything she owned and drove herself to Los Angeles to establish her dream career. She got her start running artist social media accounts and doing freelance public relations work, eventually finding her way to her first official management client, Said The Sky, an American electronic dance music producer, DJ and musician. Four years later, Ash still manages Said The Sky and has worked with him to build a substantial following in the US and around the world.

It was during her work with Said The Sky that she first crossed paths with Create Music Group, who was handling the DJ’s rights management. The company brought Ash in-house to coordinate music video productions and other projects. In 2018 Create acquired Flighthouse, a Top Five TikTok channel, and they asked Ash to become Managing Director of the then fledgling channel and help them chart their expansion on TikTok and onto other platforms such as YouTube. With more than 18.5 million total followers, Flighthouse’s end goal is to become the household entertainment brand for Gen Z and beyond.

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