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Bob Dillon

Bob Dillon

Senior Vice President Connected Media & TiVo Music Metadata, Xperi Corporation

I am an award-winning Head of Product and Senior Vice President, with 30 years' experience innovating and marketing leading commercially viable and highly profitable B2B and B2C technology products into competitive global consumer technology companies operating in the Automotive sector.

I excel at leading cross-organizational planning and hands-on execution to achieve world-class product development, go-to-market strategies and post-production support.

TiVoMusic Metadata required rapid business turnaround. As SVP, I led TiVo Music Metadata product and team through their transformation. I converted 20-year-old infrastructure, migrating to cloud, integrated engineering teams, tools, technology and processes while growing revenues and deprecating products/migrating customers to new products. Succeeded in delivering $significant revenues and EBIDTA growth to achieve full business turnaround within 24 months.

XPERI was integrating teams following Xperi/TiVo merger. As SVP, I created then directed AutoStage team. I noted original teams operated on virtual basis since inception, integrated existing and mature office-based TiVo Music Metadata team, creating hybrid function and ensured team capable of delivering infrastructures for multiple businesses while maintaining metadata across multiple domains. Succeeded in reducing OPEX significantly while increasing performance by ~20%.

One of my core skills is building and leading stellar teams of interested, bright, earnest thoughtful individuals that consistently deliver above target and below cost.

I am passionate about driving motivation and development cultures to maintain competitive advantages that enable rapid responses to emerging technologies and ever-changing consumer sentiment.

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