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Dez Dickerson

Dez Dickerson

Founder/CEO Pavilion Group

Dez Dickerson is an entertainment, marketing and music business professional with over 49 years experience, including record company Founder/President/CEO, social/digital marketing agency Founder/President/CEO, entertainment distribution company Founder and President, artist manager, A&R executive, music publisher, artist, performer, songwriter and record producer. His rich and extensive experience includes five years as the original guitarist with Warner Bros. recording act Prince and The Revolution. Mr. Dickerson currently serves as Founder/CEO of The Pavilion Group, comprised of Pavilion Synergies (a strategic social marketing and brand agency), Pavilion Entertainment and Pavilion Pictures. His companies are engaged in the development, promotion and proliferation of brands, products and content in conjunction with the proliferation of authentically engaged brand audience. Mr. Dickerson is a pioneer in the area of Brand Coherence Consulting, the alignment of brand DNA, mission, execution and internal ethos and operations. He and the company are launching Symphonus Solutions as the locus of their brand coherence consulting services. He is in demand as a conference speaker, panel moderator and keynote speaker as a thought leader in the confluence of entertainment, marketing and the social/digital ecosystem.

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