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Dick Huey

Dick Huey

Head of Partnerships, Jaxsta

Dick Huey is currently the Head of Partnerships at Jaxsta. His 25-year music career includes management of several music artists, which led to a global head of digital role at independent record label powerhouse the Beggars Group in New York City. He is the founder of Toolshed, a digital strategy and music license acquisition consultancy. At Toolshed he created digital campaigns for hundreds of critically acclaimed music artists and dozens of the world’s top independent record labels. He led Spotify’s US independent label license acquisition efforts prior to and during their US launch in 2011, and built consulting or advisory relationships with clients including Red Bull, TuneCore, 8Tracks, Jaxsta, Paperchain, Section4 and Digital Rights Agency. He served on the board of SoundExchange on behalf of Matador Records. He is a past Executive Director and board chair of the Future of Music Coalition in Washington DC.

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