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Eva Karman Reinhold

Eva Karman Reinhold

Chairman, SOM (Swedish Independent Labels T/A)

Eva Karman Reinhold is a member of the IMPALA board and the Chairman of SOM, Sweden’s independent label’s association. SOM represents over 300 independent music companies and was founded in 1974 (as a Nordic organization called NIFF). She is a self-employed music lawyer (Master of Law, LLM.) providing business and legal services to artists, songwriters and other creators and entrepreneurs, and founded Karman Innovative Consulting and Smilodon (music publisher and record label) in 2004. Her long career in the music industry began at STIM, and she then spent over 10 years working at independent companies Gazell and MNW. As a former music student, she has picked up writing and performing again as the creative leader in MahRoot, a Swedish reggae/ska band.

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