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Grace Puluczek

Grace Puluczek

CEO, 3 Notes & European Coordinator, Future Echoes

With 14 years marketing experience for multinational companies in the electronics and gaming industries and a lifelong passion for music, at the start of 2017 Grace took over the direction of BalconyTV Madrid, producing more than 200 acoustic videos and interviews and started a music consultancy company. 3 Notes offers tailor-made services for artists including management, booking, promotion, programming, production, label services, digital and branding. Its mission is to enable artists to get their music heard, wherever in the world that may be. To date Grace has organized nearly 200 concerts, launched more than 40 albums, EPs and singles, and worked with 15 Spanish and international emerging artists helping to develop their musical careers. Since 2020 she has worked with Future Echoes Showcase Festival in Sweden as Head European Coordinator/International Advisor. Grace is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to having an international emerging talent on the radar.

3 Notes international touring acts CV includes festivals such as Summerfest, Indie Week and Sziget Festival and spans, the UK, Italy, Sweden, USA, Canada and more. Combine that with being a host and DJ for Cashbox Radio Canada and speaker credits including: management panels at Live at Heart, Sweden; Fira B, Mallorca; MMB digital; chair on a "Female Entrepreneurs in the Music Industry" panel, Mallorca Live Pro; "International Festivals Panels" and the "Importance of Communication in Music" for Cranc Festival, Mallorca; as well as a speaker on "The Importance of Online Radio" with Cashbox for Indie Week, Canada.

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