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Graham Williams

Graham Williams

Managing Partner & Talent Buyer, Resound

On Jan 15th, 1978, Johnny Rotten quit the Sex Pistols after their ill-fated performance in San Francisco the night before. Many felt that punk died that night. But how is that possible if Graham Williams was born the very same day in Austin, TX? Graham got started in music young, going to shows, playing in bands, touring, releasing records and putting on shows. While he didn't go to college, all of that experience equates to an honorary degree in Music Skillz by the School of Mosh. He worked at the original Emo’s on Red River as the in house talent buyer and manager, then started Fun Fun Fun Fest, and shortly after launched Transmission Events. Almost a decade went by until the booking, marketing and creative branches of those companies left to found Margin Walker Presents, which operated as the largest independent promoter in Texas until the pandemic forced them to close up shop. All of these events led up to Resound. So, like Gandalf, we are reborn anew, with this new thing that's doing something similar to the old thing, but also with some new things.

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