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James Barlow

James Barlow

CEO & Owner, FKB

James Barlow is co-owner and CEO of FKB, a studio offering full-scale digital, physical and experiential design, architecture and in-house fabrication. FKB’s work in 2022 ranges from building a 24,000 sq. ft. water stage in Miami for Ye, to one of NFT.NYC’s top exhibits, the Cool Cats Cooltopia experience, as well as numerous metaverse and digital music projects with world-renowned artists. Central to FKB’s work is the connective tissue that sits between the physical and digital worlds, with focus on developing cohesive content strategies. This aims to enhance both revenue and utility use cases for platform agnostic NFTs and Web 3, bridging the gap between creators and their supporters.

Originally from Bristol, UK, James has lived in Philadelphia for seven years and spent the previous five years in Boston. James’ career has often found him at the intersection of traditional disciplines. With a degree in molecular biology and five years in the pharmaceutical industry, he then spent over 15 years commercializing technology from Tier 1 research institutions. James has run innovation and creativity programs in 38 states at institutions such as places MIT and Stanford and has facilitated accelerator programs for The Gates Foundation and USAID.

Selected Projects:
NFT NYC, New York, NY - Cooltopia, Bitski, AKU
SXSW - Virtual Theon, British Music Embassy and other digital assets in Web 3
Art Basel - Virtual Exhibits, Web 3

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