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Jay Mogis

Jay Mogis


Dr Jay Mogis is a thought leader in media licensing, data analytics and strategy, solving a spectrum of issues at an independent, corporate and legislative level. Jay completed his Doctor of Creative Industries in 2020, researching transparency, technology and law at the Queensland University of Technology’s Digital Media Research Centre. Jay’s research led the Australian Research Council-funded project, Music Metrics and the Future of the Australian Music Industry. Jay has also held senior positions at a myriad of media technology companies while working with industry associations, record companies, publishers, artist managers and technologists to better democratize the metaverse. While focusing on media licensing, metadata, and future tech more recently, Jay's diverse and practice-led background has covered almost every aspect of the creative industries over the last three decades. Jay has dedicated much of his professional life to providing creatives with the power to be increasingly sustainable through experience, creative entrepreneurship and technology.

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