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Jennie Armon

Jennie Armon

Executive Producer/Music Supervisor, Found Objects Music

Jennie Armon, E.P/Music Supervisor of Found Objects Music, has grown comfortable placing the right music into ads and film. Throughout her career, Jennie has brought a rare blend of business and creative acumen to music and brand partnerships ranging from the Olympics to spots for major brands (Nike, Google, BMW, L'Oreal, M&Ms and more). She’s been instrumental in ad honors including the AMP award for “Most Effective Use of Music," AMP's overall "Best in Show" award and most recently a Clio award for "Best Use of Music in Film/Video" for Youtube's 'Life in a Day' featuring Black Pumas & Lucius.

Starting out, Jennie was managing bands, promoting shows and DJing parties. Her keen ear led her to several music supervision companies, eventually leading her to Found Objects in 2015. Since then, Jennie has focused on elevating her team to create standout pieces, remixes and collaborations with high profile artists. Select film credits include Palmer, Blue Christmas, Lucia Before & After, Deporting Myself, At the Time, Jay Myself and more. Outside of work, Jennie donates her time to Association of Music Producers’ Diversity & Inclusion Committee, Women in Music, RAINN & other nonprofit organizations.

GMS 2022: Crafting Niche Music Soundtracks for Film/TV

October 13, 2022 at 7:30:00 PM

Is weaving the perfect soundtrack akin to method acting? How do you inhabit the minds of the people portrayed on screen and select the right music to support or drive their stories? Hear NYC music supervisors from across a spectrum of diverse film and TV work discuss their approaches to the craft.

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