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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Jennifer Sellers-Dimitrov

Jennifer Sellers-Dimitrov

Promoter, CEG Presents

Jennifer Sellers-Dimitrov is an independent contractor working in the live music and arts industry. With 15+ years of experience producing live content, Jen has worked with independent promoters and venues, trade organizations, non-profit initiatives and community building groups. She champions the voices and talent within the community and values the art of conversation and connection.

Jen has worked or partnered with NIVA, Queens Rising, CEG Presents/NOLAFunk, Mondo.NYC, School of Rock, Marauder, Sonicbids and sits on the board of the Astoria Park Alliance where she brings art and music events to the Queens community.

Build your Booking Network Through Creative Local Opportunities

Friday, October 13, 2023, 1:00 PM

Booking shows in any city can sometimes feel like a crap shoot. Knowing where to seek opportunities that build out your booking network helps ensure you create valuable relationships and a range of local fans. Learn from a variety of players in the live music landscape including independent venues, community programming, cultural institutes, etc. about how they approach programming, what relationships lead to more opportunities and why supporting micro music communities are always a win.

Not every artist will sell out ticketed shows or make money from streams. But there are live booking opportunities that help ensure you can solidify an anchor date in a city market.

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