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Jessica Powell

Jessica Powell

CEO & Co-Founder, Audioshake

Jessica Powell is the CEO and co-founder of Audioshake, which uses AI to deconstruct songs into instrumentals and stems so that they can be monetized beyond the radio mix. Powell spent over a decade at Google, where sat on the company's management team. She began her career at CISAC, the International Society of Authors and Composers in Paris. She is also the author of the novel, The Big Disruption: A Totally Fictional but Essentially True Silicon Valley Story, and is a frequent contributor to the New York Times, TIME, and elsewhere.

Future of Music Creation & Production: Intelligent Creator Tools: Friend or Foe?

October 12, 2022 at 7:00:00 PM

AI powered tools are inspiring a whole new generation of creators, lowering both financial and knowledge barriers to music making. For that same reason these tools are also controversial, as they disrupt the traditional process of creation and collaboration, along with raising potential IP concerns. Hear from companies building the future of intelligent creator tools.

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