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LJ Malberg

LJ Malberg

Founder and CEO, The Reliance Company; Founder and President, Compassionate Muse

LJ Malberg is the President of Compassionate Muse, a workplace culture, mindfulness and emotional intelligence strategies coaching, consulting and online learning community focused on compassion-based work within the music industry. She is the Founder and Curator of Mindfulness In Music conference and (popup) events. Her work spans more than two decades in the music & entertainment industry from dancer, choreographer, jazz vocalist, manager and then talent agent for clients such as Ultra Gypsy, Chuck D (Public Enemy) Slam Jamz label artists, Apple, NASA, Cisco Systems to notable roles such as Music Market Growth Strategy (Eventbrite North America, Music) and Director of Client Development (TicketWeb/Ticketmaster U.S.) and Sr. Sales Director of Music North America for Patron Technology. LJ has spoken out on behalf of compassion-based work strategies at numerous music industry conferences including SXSW, Fest Forums, Northside Fest, Midem, TicketWeb, New Colossus Festival and more. Her published work on (Zenful Dance) compassion-based movement can be found in Dancing with Dharma, Essays on Movement and Dance in Western Buddhism (McFarland). She is a well-respected leader, coach, mentor and speaker and sparks intuitive, authentic and empathetic human interaction that leads to compassionate solutions in music regardless of race, gender identity, rank or title, social status, religion, disability.

In addition, LJ continues to speak on behalf of and for Women in Music Industry across the U.S. She is the Founding Mentor and six-time guest speaker for Women in Music Industry at the Scripps School of Communication, Media Arts and Studies at Ohio University WIMI student group. The focus of their success has been to uncover social roadblocks through compassion-based collaborative thinking as well as help to identify their individual “voice” and strengths as they move forward into the competitive landscape and still male-dominated music industry.

About Compassionate Muse: Founded by LJ Malberg in 2017, Compassionate Muse is a 4-Stage Career Development Learning Community for music business professionals offering coaching, consulting, training and networking for Individuals and teams, laser-focused on making work BETTER for good. Our philosophy is steeped in the transformation through the application of compassion-based work strategies and creating true “win-win-win” outcomes, redefining what it means to be successful in the music business. Our mission is to holistically support the career growth of music business professionals and to facilitate understanding, joy and inspiration into everyday work.

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