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Nikki Fernandez

Nikki Fernandez

President, NSF NOW Inc.

Nikki is a 25-year veteran of the music industry. She walks the line between an active performing artist and songwriter to a strategic thinker who approaches complexities, relationships involving unique personalities, and building brands in a thoughtful, rigorous, and thematic way.

As the Founder of her firm NSF NOW Inc. and NSF The Artist, she has focused on enabling entrepreneurs and companies’ growth through creative marketing strategies, dynamic target marketing, creative-focused networking, and iterative development to build intuitive experiences and successful results that inspire confidence, creative freedom, and access to larger audiences.

Over the last three years, Nikki has lead business development and industry relations for RyteBox. RyteBox is the unparalleled rights and royalty platform for the music industry. She has worked together with numerous entrepreneurs, executives, creatives, and music industry professionals to raise awareness and create market traction for this new technology platform. Being an artist herself, with extensive knowledge in technology and the complexities of music and media intellectual property, administration and copyrights, she saw the opportunity and value of how to support her peers in the industry at a larger scale. A core value of the entire team is to get the artist paid!

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