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Raymond Allende ARTZ

Raymond Allende ARTZ

CEO, Reject Dreams

The self-proclaimed reject with a dream and wordsmith embarked on his musical journey at a young age of 15, while concurrently surviving a stray bullet to the face at 17 years old and dropping a slew of mixtapes before he turned 21. His relentless hustle and work ethic has led to collaborations with A-list superstars, international tours and editorial features by major publications such as Time Magazine, Yahoo Finance and more. ARTZ has been recognized as a driving force in culture and thought leader in music, art, film and tech while still maintaining his independent success and cultivating his global fan base. His style of music is a blend of modern Hip-Hop meets melody over cinematic production. A seasoned artist and creative director, for the last decade ARTZ has been an event planner, content creator and founder of Reject Dreams. A multi-media production company that has produced over 100 top tier events with major brands ranging from concerts, art exhibitions, tech brand launches and short films/music videos. His taste level and eye for innovation has gained him comparisons to curating "Andy Warhol"-type functions, resulting in millions of views and a homegrown creative community and network. Embracing the underdog mentality and pushing forward with a strong will, determined attitude and belief, winning over the people one reject dreamer at a time.

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