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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Sam Hendel

Sam Hendel

Chairman, JKBX

Sam Hendel is an accomplished investor and entrepreneur with a passion for music and the arts. As the Managing Principal of Dundee Partners, a family office specializing in cultural investments, he has co-founded and led several successful ventures in the music industry.

In 2021, Sam co-founded Chord Music Partners, the world's largest pure play music rights catalogue. The company was created through the $1.1 billion acquisition of KMR Music Royalties II, which boasts a unique collection of 62,000 copyrights, including works by top artists such as The Weeknd, David Guetta, OneRepublic, Kid Cudi, Diplo and Fleetwood Mac. Since the consummation of the initial acquisition, Chord has continued to scale and acquired IP from iconic artists such as John Legend, Twenty One Pilots, Diplo/Major Lazer and ZZ Top. In addition to Chord, Sam and his family have also invested in media properties such as Knitting Factory Entertainment, Partisan Records and Kino Lorber.

Sam's latest venture is JKBX ("Jukebox"), a platform he founded in 2022 to democratize music assets through fractional ownership. JKBX will allow catalogue owners and artists to offer shares of their royalty streams as a regulated security to retail investors. This innovative approach aims to deepen the connection between fans and their favorite artists and songs.

Prior to his focus on music, Sam spent 20 years in the investment management business. As the President and Portfolio Manager of Easterly Investment Partners, he specialized in merger arbitrage and event-driven equities and credit. Sam's journey as an entrepreneur began in 2009, when he and two former Yale University classmates founded Dataminr, the world's leader in real-time AI for event and risk detection.

CLE 2023: Fractional Music Interests: Opportunities and Challenges

Friday, October 13, 2023

An increasing number of companies are offering sales of fractional music rights, or micro-slices of rights in a composition or recording. These offerings are designed to provide liquidity to creators while simultaneously allowing fans to participate in real ownership of an artist’s work. However, these offering also come with complex legal challenges under both securities law and copyright law. This panel will discuss these legal issues, and how some of the companies in this space are addressing them.

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