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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Stefan Heinrich

Stefan Heinrich

Co-Founder & CEO, MAYK/

MAYK INC is an LA-HQ UGC Music and AI voice tech company on a mission to help the world sing. We believe that song creation should be as universally accessible as creating videos and photos regardless of a user’s creative or technical skill level. Besides its consumer products like the UGC-song-generator and distro app, voice-ai tool, AI-assisted-song tool and remix tool pichy, MAYK creates and offers a powerful sound, music and voice audio engine to support other partners interested in giving more people a voice, creating their own sound and bringing music creation as a creative outlet to anyone. Companies can also get access to its unique social music catalog. MAYK is a TikTok/Snap/Google alumni company. Stefan was the former CMO of Cameo and TikTok after launching YouTube Premium during his time at Google.

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