Akpanoluo Etteh

Founder and Curator, The Soundshop

Akpanoluo Etteh is a singer, beatboxer, sound imitator, trombonist, and founder of The Soundshop. As a trombonist, he has performed jazz, orchestra, and in marching bands in high school and college. As a singer, he has performed a cappella all over the United States and Europe, singing in languages ranging from Medieval Spanish to Luganda. As beatboxer and voice imitator, he can dazzle with an impeccable rendition of the beat from Drop It Like It�s Hot, or the voice of Robert Plant on Led Zeppelin�s Black Dog. His obsession with music and fostering social connections finally got the best of him in January 2017 when he started The Soundshop, initially to connect his brother with other musicians so they could give each other advice, feedback, and encouragement. By day Akpanoluo is a Director of Data Products an ad agency, where he enjoys writing code in shell, python, and SQL.