Philip Kaplan

CEO, DistoKid

Philip is the founder and CEO of DistroKid.DistroKid is one of the world�s largest music distributors and helps 500,000+ musicians get their music into online stores & streaming services. DistroKid artists keep 100% of their earnings and range from bedroom musicians to major artists including Will Smith, Ludacris, and others. In 2015, a DistroKid release by act Jack & Jack went to #1 worldwide in the Apple charts, making it the first time a #1 artist was able to keep 100% of their earnings. In 2016, DistroKid launched an industry-first feature called �Teams,� which makes it possible for royalties from any song to be automatically split amongst collaborators and shareholders. Prior to DistroKid, Philip founded TinyLetter (acquired by MailChimp), AdBrite (acquired by SiteScout), and wrote the best-selling book, �F�d Companies: Spectacular Dot-com Flameouts� (Simon & Schuster). Philip is a heavy metal drummer and lives with his wife and son in Brooklyn, New York.