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Fireside Chat with Michelle Munson: Improving Monetization and Quality for Streaming Concerts and Ticketing with Eluvio LIVE

Williamsburg Zoom

The recent global shift towards streaming live events will become a permanent way to amplify and complement in-person concert performances moving forward. After powering such concerts for Black Eyed Peas, Rita Ora and other musical performances, this fireside chat with Emmy-award winning technologist Michelle Munson will discuss new technological innovations that help tackle some of the biggest challenges and opportunities in online ticketed performances. Specifically, she will talk about retaining artist control and customization; 4K streaming quality; monetization, including minting NFTs and digital collectables; and the application of blockchain technology for ticketing and viewing rights enforcement. Eluvio LIVE ( provides artists with a novel blockchain-based streaming and ticketing platform for concerts and performances, distributed directly from artists to their global audiences – with no distribution or content management fees. It is built upon the award-winning Eluvio Content Fabric, used by Tier 1 media companies including MGM Studios, FOX Networks and others.

Michelle Munson

Michelle Munson

CEO & Co-Founder, Eluvio

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