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Brian Drusky

Brian Drusky

Founder, Drusky Entertainment

Brian Drusky, has been a concert and events promoter for more than two decades in his native Pittsburgh. Brian founded Drusky Entertainment in 2006 after many years working with well-known concert promoter DiCesare-Engler Productions, which was one of the region’s top-grossing concert producers, a space in the local entertainment spectrum that Brian now occupies. Drusky Entertainment currently presents hundreds of live concerts and events every year throughout the Pennsylvania region as well as venturing into West Virginia, Ohio and beyond ranging from 200 cap clubs to 10,000 cap venues.

Unscrewing the Fans: Live Event Industry Changes on the Horizon

10/12/23, 4:00 PM

In the year of the $1,000 concert ticket, the world at large has added insight into deceptive ticketing practices. Fans now expect to be overcharged, erroneously thinking the artist, promoter, or ticketing company is benefiting from the inflated costs. But who really is? These stakeholders across the live event industry discuss the tools being used, and changes on the horizon that make it easier for fans to see shows at the prices the artist sets.

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