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Claire Seidler

Claire Seidler

Co-founder, COO/CMO, Stage Inc.

Claire Seidler is a veteran marketer and producer with a proven ability to help startup and blue-chip brands alike reach new audiences, utilizing a mix of results-driven marketing and product development. With more than 15 years experience at leading digital marketing and communication agencies, she has delivered campaigns for global brands including Netflix, Hulu, Mastercard and Coca-Cola and can execute any part of a digital program aside from writing code.

In 2017, she co-founded Stage Inc., an entertainment technology company where she serves as CMO and COO. In 2020, Stage Inc. launched its first product -- a virtual entertainment and events app, Stageverse. Currently in private beta, its first concert event, “Muse’s Simulation Theory: Virtual Experience,” will debut this fall with a series of live broadcasts enabling fans to virtually attend Muse’s stadium show, explore multiple viewpoints, play with interactive toys and purchase exclusive digital merchandise from the band.

Stage, Inc. is currently angel-backed, with a growing team that includes senior alums of Magic Leap, the groundbreaking augmented reality and computer vision company. Seidler believes that creating a lasting brand that consumers love requires authenticity, innovation and pixel perfection. Her broad skill set spans digital marketing and content strategy, sales, business development, product development, project management, content creation, social media marketing, writing and recruitment.

The New (Virtual) Concert Ecosystem: Navigating Opportunities In Livestreaming & VR

10/13/20, 7:00 PM

It’s been 6+ months since any of us have been to a real concert, and the bar for what music fans expect from virtual concerts and livestreams continues to lift higher and higher. That’s why the need for virtual and livestreamed experiences that provide high production value and elements of the “real world” will only grow stronger as lockdown lengthens. We’ll hear from four thought leaders who are bringing this new concert paradigm to life.

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