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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Eric Elliott

Eric Elliott

CEO, Greenruhm

Eric Elliott is the CEO of Greenruhm, a music social network where every post is a digital item fans can buy, sell and share with their communities. Artists share art, video, music, digital fashion, avatars, memberships, concert tickets, etc. Previously, Eric was an early employee at BandPage (now YouTube Artist Pages), served as tech lead for an 85M user video social network used by top TV media brands, and was an early member of the Adobe Creative Cloud team (now $9B ARR).

The Future of Music Production: NFTs & Music Creation

10/13/21, 8:00 PM

Are NFT’s just a fad with no long-term impact? Beyond the hype, learn about the practical future of digital scarcity and collectibles in the music industry, from artists and developers building it.

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