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Jesse Kirshbaum

Jesse Kirshbaum

Founder, Beats + Bytes

Jesse Kirshbaum is an American entrepreneur, talent agent, author, executive producer and dealmaker. The multi-hyphenate creative businessman has made his career focused on the epicenter of entertainment, technology and brand marketing. He started his career finding and developing talent and from there has extensive experience securing talent for concerts, tours and endorsement deals for his various clients and brand partners internationally. In the same way he is known for helping to break artists, he now focuses on building robust strategies and campaigns for big and emerging brands that wish to break into the mainstream zeitgeist. He is known as one of the top deal makers and thought leaders in the music, tech and brand intersection. He writes and curates Beats + Bytes, one of the premiere weekly newsletters in entertainment and the biggest music newsletter on LinkedIn. His writing is published all across the web and Jesse has regular featured appearances on platforms such as Cheddar, Yahoo Finance, NASDAQ and a regular guest on the podcast circuit.

In 2021, Kirshbaum was hired as the CMO of Dreamstage, a revolutionary music livestreaming company which sold this year to the French company Deezer. He currently resides in Miami and is back as the CEO of Nue Agency as well as teaching a class at American University called The Streaming Revolution.

Advanced Marketing: How Brands & Artists Can Use Data, AI & Storytelling to Create Impactful Partnerships

10/13/23, 6:00 PM

The bond between music and brands has evolved dramatically from the initial days of partnerships where collaborations were often viewed with high levels of skepticism. Today, brands are not just a notable line item on the music industry's balance sheet; they are actively playing a pivotal role in shaping artist trajectories, launching newcomers, and reinforcing superstar status.

As brand interest in music reaches new heights, the music industry faces a golden opportunity. By leveraging big data and AI, it can craft more poignant stories and develop cutting-edge content that truly resonates. To delve deeper into this melding of cultural taste, data and AI's role in brand partnerships, we welcome you to a panel discussion. Join industry experts Jesse Kirshbaum, Clayton Durant, and Domenico Randazzo as they share their insights, offering guidance to marketers, agents and managers on how best to shape brand partnerships that foster mutual growth and shared success.

Advanced Marketing

10/11/22, 9:00 PM

Marketing as a medium has changed. The tactics of the past don’t get the job done anymore, and when it comes to storytelling, content without context is like a buggy with no horse. The best way to level up is to create partnerships, stay on top of the social graph, leverage new technology, and own your IP. The dynamic between artist and fan has shifted a great deal. Your community is now your baseline, and your value is determined by your connection to your consumers and ability to execute. The pioneers of Web3 understand this.

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