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John Nussbaum

John Nussbaum

Creative Lead, Central, TikTok Creative Lab

John is a Creative Lead at TikTok Creative Lab. He's spent the past 12 years in Chicago helping to rebrand many companies and strengthen a few advertising agencies. Prior to Chicago, John has worked at Fallon in Minneapolis and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco. He spends his spare time with his wife and three children making cardboard forts out of Amazon packages, playing music and figuring out the public school remote learning system.

GMS 2020: TikTok Creatives Sound Off on Why They Are the "Sound On" Channel for Brands

10/15/20, 4:00 PM

Members of TikTok's Music Licensing Team & Creative Lab discuss the platform's increasing importance to the advertising market, offering insight into how they leverage their unique positioning and music solutions with marketers. From education through ideation and execution, they'll answer the question, "Why make ads, when you can make TikToks?" Moderator Jonathan Hecht welcomes panelists Bryan Cosgrove, LA; Todd Triplett, NYC; and John Nussbaum, Chicago.

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