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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Melanie McClain

Melanie McClain

Head of Community, P00LS & Founder, Blurred Lines

Melanie McClain is the New York-based Head of Community at P00LS and founder of Blurred Lines. In her 12 years in the music industry, Melanie has become an industry-eading subject matter expert on emerging music. She has been honored as a 2021 Billboard Magazine Change Agent and has helped break Burna Boy, Rosalía, Lizzo, Megan Thee Stallion and G-Eazy. In 2020, Melanie founded the international tastemaker- focused community and agency Blurred Lines. At the Web3 company, P00LS, she helps brands and polymaths in music, fashion and sports like Ronaldinho, Evan Mock, Aluna, Carlita, Lasha and Cultured Magazine build worlds and give their community access to experiences with social tokens.

Melanie’s past roles include Hip-Hop and African Music Playlist Curator at YouTube Music, Publishing A&R at Secretly Group, Head of Digital Culture at Sean Parker’s Airtime, Experimental Music Manager at Budweiser and Staff Writer at Solange's Saint Heron.

Advanced Marketing

10/11/22, 9:00 PM

Marketing as a medium has changed. The tactics of the past don’t get the job done anymore, and when it comes to storytelling, content without context is like a buggy with no horse. The best way to level up is to create partnerships, stay on top of the social graph, leverage new technology, and own your IP. The dynamic between artist and fan has shifted a great deal. Your community is now your baseline, and your value is determined by your connection to your consumers and ability to execute. The pioneers of Web3 understand this.

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