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Roman Molino Dunn

Roman Molino Dunn

Composer & Co-Owner, Mirrortone Studios

Roman Molino Dunn is a nationally-recognized music technologist, award-winning composer, Billboard-charting music producer (Electropoint) and co-owner of Mirrortone Studios in New York City. He has composed and produced music for major television shows and feature films for Netflix, HBO, Disney, A24, Paramount and Universal. As a music software developer and founder of AiThoven and The Music Transcriber, Roman has developed music software, music AI, as well as music plug-ins purchased by some of the leading music software developers in the world. Roman sits on the Creative Advisory Board of Antares Audio Technologies and is a Senior Operating Partner at Ulysses Management's Private Equity Group.

Back to the Future: Tech Developments & the Future of Recording Technology

10/11/23, 2:00 PM

Audio recording software and hardware becomes ever more sophisticated year after year. These developments impact not only the way we make music, but also the listening experience delivered to consumers. Please join us for a discussion of the latest technological developments in music recording and what's coming up around the bend.

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