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Suzy Ryoo

Suzy Ryoo

Co-Founder & President, Venice Music

Suzy Ryoo is the Co-Founder and President of Venice Music, an inclusive, pioneering global distribution platform and artist/label services company that offers the tools, education and community an independent music entrepreneur needs to grow and succeed in their careers. In a parallel universe to music in venture capital, Suzy's an investor in software enabled, culture leading companies including Therabody, FaZe Clan, Liquid Death, Seed, OurPlace, Yumi and Blueland. Born in Seoul, raised in LA and now across Miami and beyond, Suzy was blessed by her entrepreneurial family and their immigrant hustle.

The Demise of the Major Deal: What Happens Next?

10/11/22, 7:00 PM

The last fifteen years have seen transformative change in the music industry, driven in large part by the widespread emergence and adoption of streaming services that have opened up opportunities like never before. Today, the way that artists get access to funding is finally catching up. While most artists used to view getting signed by a label as a marker of career success, the traditional companies no longer control exposure and distribution like they once did. So if artists can build a platform and a fanbase themselves, why do some of them still give up ownership of their music or control of creative decision making in order to access investment to advance their careers? Companies like beatBread are finally helping artists draw a line in the sand between ownership and investment. So when is it right for the artist to stay independent, and when does the traditional label model still work? The Demise of the Major Deal: What Happens Next? brings together managers, distributors and investment capital to discuss the future of creative investment, and the shift in power that puts control firmly back in the hands of artists.

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