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Ted Cohen

Ted Cohen

Managing Partner, TAG Strategic

Known throughout entertainment and technology as a super connector, media technology evangelist and futurist, Ted Cohen is the Managing Partner of TAG Strategic, a digital entertainment technology consultancy based in Los Angeles. Ted previously served as SVP-Digital for EMI Music, Cohen led global digital business development for this iconic label and was instrumental in crafting the licensing agreements upon which the iTunes Store and Rhapsody/Napster music subscription services were built. During that time, EMI led the industry by embracing and exploiting new tech and business models such as digital downloads and streaming music subscriptions, wireless services, hi-definition audio and Internet radio.

Prior to EMI, Cohen co-founded and chaired the groundbreaking Webnoize conferences. Ted also led Consulting Adults, with clients such as Universal Studios,, Microsoft, DreamWorks Records, Liquid Audio and Napster. Cohen also had senior positions at both Warner Brothers and Philips Electronics. A 40+ year entertainment media industry veteran, Cohen conceived, created & chaired MidemNet and also served on the Grammy LA Board of Governors and Grammy National Trustee Board. Additionally, Cohen served as Chairman of Mobile Entertainment Forum America, and on the board of, an innovative computer literacy program. In 2013, Ted received the NARM Presidential Award, previously awarded to Ahmet Ertegun and Dick Clark, among others.

Ted continually looks for the next innovative technology and his next challenge, he really loves his life.

Magnetize and Thrive in the Attention Economy

10/12/23, 3:00 PM

Join the conversation with perspectives from the manager, tech/app, publicity and press viewpoints. Learn the best ways to stand out, attract, captivate and retain your audience as an independent artist in the constantly evolving and tech-driven attention economy. You've got the level playing field, how do you win the game? This session will provide valuable insights.

It Isn’t Rocket Science (But the Right Skill Set WILL Get You Off the Launchpad!)

10/11/22, 6:00 PM

Twenty years ago, who you knew and who knew you were definitely a very important part of your music industry skillset; it definitely got you in the door. While that hasn’t significantly changed, it has become just as critical to have a working relationship with data analytics, social media trends, D2C marketing tools, APIs and blockchain-powered accounting and copyright platforms. To be an effective participant in the future of music, you need to expand your knowledge base. We have assembled a panel of music industry educators from New York University, Berklee College of Music and Belmont University who are creating and delivering an ever-evolving curriculum. We will be discussing where we are and where they believe we are heading.

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