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Mark Krajewski

Mark Krajewski

Managing Director, Strategic Alliances & Chief Information Officer, PRS for Music

As Managing Director, Strategic Alliances and Chief Information Officer at PRS for Music, Mark is responsible for investment in new technologies and delivery of transformative data strategy. He leads on the Nexus programme, addressing worldwide metadata issues and delivering innovative data solutions for the music industry. The Nexus programme includes the Nexus metadata portal, announced in 2022, and the recently launched Get Paid Guide, an educational initiative created in partnership with The Ivors Academy, the UK Music Publishers Association (MPA), and the UK’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO). He was an active member on the UK IPO working groups that agreed on the UK Industry Agreement on Music Streaming Metadata.

Mark also leads on the operational management of PRS’ relationship with ICE, the world leading licensing and processing hub. He sits on the ICE Board, helping to shape its future strategy, ICE Cube delivery, and ambitious five-year plan.

Prior to joining PRS in 2018, Mark held senior roles across a number of industries including retail, entertainment, and private equity, building extensive technology and change leadership expertise.

Nexus metadata portal:

Get Paid Guide:

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