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Keynote Conversation with SoundExchange CEO Michael Huppe: The Future of Music Consumption

SoundExchange is proud to kick off Mondo 2021 on Tuesday, October 12 with a series of must-see programs on the future of music in our digital-first age. SoundExchange President & CEO Michael Huppe will open Tuesday’s track with a keynote conversation road mapping his vision for a more simple, efficient, and creator-friendly future.

As the economics of listening evolve, so must the industry. Huppe will drive a discussion of the industry’s premier thought leaders to envision the future of music in the new digital-first world. This must-see roundtable will take a deep dive into the technology, systems and services necessary to scale the industry in the years to come as it reaches historic revenue levels.

“It is a dynamic time in the world of music marked by continued transformation,” said Huppe. “As the economics of listening evolve, so too must our industry. I look forward to joining the Mondo community as we come together for another year of meaningful and exciting discussion about the future of music.”

Under Huppe’s leadership, SoundExchange continues to turn mass quantities of data into accurate revenue for creators with state-of-the-art fintech solutions specifically designed to address the music industry’s greatest challenges. He’ll share key insights on how SoundExchange and the industry at large are leveling up for the next decade of success and beyond. Additional featured programming will center on hot topics such as technology solutions for the business of music, advocating for artists and creators, royalty and rights management, and more.

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